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May 21, 2009
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Little Mac received letters from his fans begging him to return to the ring after years of retirement.

The former W.V.B.A. champion decides to improve his skills by taking a trip to C-Island, and facing the monstrous beasts that lurk in the caves.

Soon Mac finds himself facing deadly creatures like giant snakes, octopuses, ghosts and even evil aliens!

But will a mere boxer be able to fend off against the most brutal of creatures? Or will he have to go beyond his limits to survive?

With Nav-Com as his trainer, will Little Mac be able to return to the ring? ... alive!?


Little Mac vs every boss in StarTropics (or most of them).
Story and animation by me, (aka: Shinigami-Hedgehog).

This was something I wanted to do ever since I heard of the new Punch Out game (which I still don't own...)

I also wanted to introduce Little Pete and Giga Mac through this.

Note: I love 8-Bit games, so I've added a few easter eggs from random games. See if you can guess them all! Besides StarTropics and Punch Out! there are some other game references.
(here's a clue, there's 6 of them)

Punch Out! & StarTropics are (c) Genyo Takeda, Nintendo.

Thanks to Lawrence Power for "Tropicalesque" I used one of its songs for the intro and outro. (And I hope I got your name right).
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NikkitheRabbit Featured By Owner Edited Jul 6, 2014  Student Artist
R.O.B. stole my bike XD
Also is Little Pete, The player 2 version of Little Mac?
Diegichigo Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014
Haha, yeah... about that. 

I included this character when I saw the first multiplayer footage from the Wii Punch Out!! game, and one of the things I picked from it, was that 2P Mac was called Little Pete.

...It then came to my attention that each player gets a name based on how your Mii is called (I think), so it could've been pretty much anyone. Little Alan, Little David, etc. :P

And then.. well too late to change it. XD Although I could tweak that someday.
MorphiusX Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OH SNAP, look at how much was put into this! :lmao:

Diegichigo Featured By Owner May 25, 2014
Thank you! I wish I could've done more. :D Like say... a scene selector. Or turning into a proper AVI file with no graphical errors and upload it to Youtube. _

Glad you liked it! :)
MorphiusX Featured By Owner May 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome!

Or perhaps a Play/Pause/Stop Button.

...Love them references...
RobotoX7 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome! Nintendo should make a game like this with this crossover between Punch-Out!! and StarTropics!
Timmayrod2700 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
This is so epic, and it had so many internet memes!
Diegichigo Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2011
haha yeah. Thanks, glad you liked it!
ClevelandRock Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2010
Absolutely incredible. It was like watching a gameplay video!
Diegichigo Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010
Hey thank you!

Yeah, well that was the original idea behind this. :D Glad you liked it!
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